7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Recently, the quality of LinkedIn postings has varied substantially, influencing their reach and engagement.

If you’re like the majority of B2B professionals on LinkedIn, you’ve definitely observed that this shift hasn’t been positive. However, upon seeing the change, you may have questioned your own strategy and even taken steps to replicate it in order to reclaim more views and interaction with your own posts. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

The issue is that such actions may be more detrimental than beneficial.

7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

1. Frequent posting

LinkedIn is not synonymous with Twitter.

You are not required to deliver a running commentary on your day to your network or to broadcast every idea that occurs to you. This generates noise, which drowns out any worthwhile content you do share.

Additionally, it will often irritate your connections, and if they get bored of the constant barrage, they will most likely touch Unfollow. And once they take this step, they are permanently gone to you. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Don’t jeopardize the hard effort you’ve put into engaging with your potential customers and acquiring followers by resorting to low-value postings.

Rather of that, try this: Post only when you’re motivated to share something that your network will find interesting. Even if this means posting just a few times a week, less is often more in this regard.


2. Submitting the incorrect sort of information to LinkedIn

Over the last two years, as more individuals lost faith in Facebook, many social media users have shifted their focus to LinkedIn. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

This is fantastic, since more individuals spending more time on the network equals more chances, but the issue is that LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform.

To begin, LinkedIn is a professional networking site; nonetheless, many individuals mistake it with Facebook or even Instagram. On the professional social network, mindless messages, foolish memes, and attention-seeking activities have become all too typical.

If you’ve spent even a few of minutes browsing through the LinkedIn news stream, you’ve seen this. LinkedIn is suddenly inundated with photographs of vacations, drinks on the beach, dogs chasing their tails, and food photos – all of which may be classed as “too much information” in a professional environment. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

None of these are LinkedIn-appropriate.

Consider LinkedIn as an extension of your professional network. It is a professional setting in which individuals do business.

Rather of that, try this: As a general guideline, avoid sharing anything on LinkedIn that you would not say or discuss in the workplace.

Always maintain a professional demeanor and leave the personal things to your Facebook pals.


3. Engagement fishing

“I just watched the new Star Wars picture, and it was HORRIBLE! What were your thoughts? Kindly leave a remark below and inform me!”

Individuals who pose such queries often believe they are being relevant, and maybe a bit provocative, by using two qualities of writing that are frequently connected with increased engagement. But how does this relate to business?

Posting unrelated questions or information is detrimental to one’s personal brand, since it is evident that the poster is looking for likes and comments.

They will, indeed, get a few bites, but from whom? The likelihood is that the folks responding to these postings are NOT your ideal clientele or those who can propel your company ahead. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Relevance is critical – providing what amounts to clickbait in the form of random inquiries and unrelated information sends an unmistakable message that you are not serious about conducting business on LinkedIn.

Rather of that, try this: Posting questions is an excellent approach to boost interaction – but make them relevant to the audience you’re hoping to attract.


4. A jumble of numbers with no substance

There is a widespread belief that if someone obtains a high number of comments, likes, and shares on a post, they must be doing something well. Right?

Not always, of course.

As you can see, vanity metrics are easily deceptive. While large social media followings might be alluring, while reviewing your LinkedIn success, you must go beyond the fundamentals and ask yourself:

  • Is this significant?
  • Is it beneficial?
  • Is it a solution to a problem or a difficulty faced by my ideal client?
  • Will it assist my ideal clientele become more familiar with, like, and trusting of me than they were previously?

Relevant, high-quality material that resonates with your target clientele is considerably more potent than irrelevant content that garners a few likes.

Another point to examine is if it is more effective to post: A piece of content that is relevant receives 30 likes and three direct messages inquiring about your services or..

A article that is irrelevant and has 100 likes but receives no direct reaction from your ideal clients?

Rather of that, try this: Pay attention to your postings that have the greatest exposure and interaction, as well as to others in your industry, particularly those that receive high engagement. Pay no attention to people that have a style, company, or target market that differs from yours.

Take note of patterns – for instance, I’ve seen that when I share a storey with a business lesson, my engagement and views skyrocket, and therefore I endeavor to make more articles along those lines.

7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

5. Excessive tagging of individuals

I’m sure you’ve seen postings with a large number of tagged persons in your LinkedIn news feed. Excessive tagging shouts “pay attention to me!” and “connect with my post!”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been tagged in LinkedIn postings that have nothing to do with me – and this technique may backfire spectacularly. LinkedIn’s algorithm is always improving, and it now de-emphasizes postings in the news feed if the individuals who were tagged in them do not interact with them.

It is absolutely OK, and even encouraged, to tag someone when the post contains information about them. I make a point of like their article and leaving a ‘thank you for sharing’ remark whenever someone shares my work and tags me. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Inappropriate tagging, on the other hand, and excessive tagging scream desperation.

Rather of that, try this: Only include individuals in a post if it is relevant to them. For instance, include people’s names when sharing a quotation, a photograph of them at an event, or their material. If you wish to notify a few of your colleagues or peers about your post, consider doing so in the comment area to avoid making the article seem spammy.


6. Self-promotional (and over-the-top) videos

If you’ve spent any time on LinkedIn recently, you’re likely to have seen a video with an over-the-top delivery that seems humorous or false. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

This is a concerning tendency that has crept in over the past 18 months, and I believe that more individuals are adopting it out of fear of being left behind.

However, you may be lively and entertaining without seeming desperate for attention.

The one piece of advice I usually give people – regardless of the platform – is to speak the language and utilize the forms that your audience is used to. As a result, adapt your conduct and delivery accordingly. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

The majority of LinkedIn’s Top Voices (video makers) are Millennials with a completely distinct style from the majority of LinkedIn users. Their strategy may work for them and their audience, but it seldom leads in actual commercial outcomes – and it most certainly will not work for the rest of us. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Bear in mind that social media weariness is a genuine thing – and I’d add that dumb video fatigue is rapidly approaching. I’m seeing an increasing amount of video fatigue develop as a result of people’s excessive and incorrect usage of videos. And this situation will only deteriorate more once LinkedIn Live (live video streaming) is fully implemented throughout the network.

Even if your only objective is to get attention, the attention you may garner is unlikely to be the attention you want. More precisely, often, attention alone will not increase your income. Even worse, the incorrect type of attention might be detrimental to your company. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

Bear in mind that attention-seeking conduct on social media – particularly on LinkedIn – can make you seem needy. And desperation does not attract customers.

Rather than that, if you want to include video into your LinkedIn content strategy, do it in a stylish, professional, and, most importantly, honest manner. Avoid the exuberant attitude of the gameshow host. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn


7. #Excessive #Hashtags #Appears #Very #Spammy

Do I need to say more?

On LinkedIn, excessive hashtag use gives the impression of desperation, drowns your message in unneeded noise, turns people off, and may result in you being punished by LinkedIn’s algorithm. 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

While 5 to 20 hashtags may be optimal for Instagram, LinkedIn is NOT Instagram.

If you’re hash-tagging every potential term in the goal of appearing in every possible search, you’re going to turn off a lot of people.

Rather of that, try this: Utilize hashtags carefully and keep your posts to two or three.

In this blog we have provided information about 7 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn


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