Benefits of Meme Marketing

Benefits of Meme Marketing

Benefits of Meme Marketing

In the digital era, memes have evolved into a type of cultural currency that can be found across all social media platforms. They are lighthearted bits of material that often include a picture and text and are meant for rapid consumption. However, can memes be used for commercial purposes? This article discusses what memes are, how they may be used for marketing, and what to avoid if you do decide to use this method. Benefits of Meme Marketing

What exactly are memes?

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary scientist, created the word “meme” in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. The term is derived from the Greek “mimeme” (something mimicked) and “gene,” which is pronounced similarly to “cream.” Benefits of Meme Marketing

Today’s social networks are ideal for disseminating these cultural DNA. If a post strikes a connection with an audience, it might quickly become viral. The most popular memes convey an event, a sentiment, or an emotion in a visually appealing, social media-friendly manner.

In an interview with Wired, Richard Dawkins stated that internet memes are comparable to what he imagined, stating, “It’s anything that gets viral.” As such, anything may be a meme; Dawkins himself has been the subject of several memes. Benefits of Meme Marketing


Benefits of Meme Marketing

Benefits of Meme Marketing

1. Memes are inexpensive to produce.

Internet memes have a certain rustic beauty. Anyone may participate by adding text to genre classics using services like Meme Generator.

While brands may utilize memes generated by others in their marketing efforts, it is recommended that they develop their own if they want to use them for marketing objectives. Marketers must try somewhat harder to capitalize on cultural trends. Benefits of Meme Marketing

When used correctly, memes are an inexpensive and pleasant method of generating social media conversation.


2. Memes may be an extremely effective technique for brand promotion.

Additionally, you may generate meme-worthy stuff on your own. That is, companies may generate material that is capable of becoming a meme in and of itself. Netflix had to issue a warning to users from doing blindfolded stunts in an effort to mimic the memes.

More recently, Netflix’s blockbuster smash Squid Game has spawned a slew of new memes, many of which are intelligible only to people who have watched the programe, which is fitting for the form and what drives Netflix’s numbers. Additionally, brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Pepsi has already garnered over 37,000 likes on Instagram for a photograph of a very meaningful Squid Game visual allusion (no spoilers!) in one of their beverages, captioned “if you know, you know.” Benefits of Meme Marketing

With its content factory and Hollywood stars, a corporation like Netflix has an inherent edge. However, memes may not need this amount of gloss in order to appeal to a broad audience.

Benefits of Meme Marketing

3. Memes may demonstrate a human dimension to your business.

When corporations use memes, they inadvertently demonstrate their human side.

A 2017 research into online complex contagion models discovered that when individuals view a meme that fits their present mood, they feel’seen.’ As a consequence, they post the meme in the aim of receiving social approval from their peers on social media.

This implies that memes do not have to be amusing. They may be thought-provoking and illuminating, rather than seen as trivial. However, it is safer for companies to begin with lighter memes, since the more serious pictures are often political in character. Denny’s serves as an excellent model here; companies perform best when they demonstrate some self-awareness. Benefits of Meme Marketing

There are no assurances on this front, and the majority of memes will shortly go away. However, marketers should see this as a chance for learning, not an excuse to abandon memes. As long as the meme effort does not fail miserably (we’ll discuss such cases later), marketers may utilize memes to get immediate response from their audience.

If it fits your brand, it’s worth attempting to create a meme. They are inexpensive to make and, if they do not take off, they quickly fade away. And if they do go viral, you may discover something new about your audience. Benefits of Meme Marketing

It’s also worth noting that the cultural (and political) meanings of memes may evolve over time, as seen in this video on Pepe the Frog’s transformation from an innocent frog to a polarizing symbol.


4. Instant reaction from memes

Marketers like memes for the reasons stated above. Since the introduction of social media, every company has spoken about becoming viral. There are no assurances here, and most memes will go away. But marketers should use this as a lesson, not a reason to avoid memes. Marketers may utilize memes to gain rapid response from their audience as long as the endeavor is not catastrophic. Benefits of Meme Marketing

Make a meme if it fits your brand. They are inexpensive to create and quickly fade away if not taken off. And if they go viral, you may have discovered something new about your audience.

Should you advertise using memes?

Brands must understand that memes will only assist them in meeting a limited number of marketing goals. If they send a sales message, users will be instantly turned off. This raises comparable issues to those discussed in our marketer’s guide to Reddit. The trick is to read the audience’s pulse and join in, contributing something to the moment. Brands who do it wrong distract from the vibe and suffer as a result. Benefits of Meme Marketing

Benefits of Meme Marketing

Memes, on the other hand, may be an integral element of a serious plan. Bear the following points in mind when you include memes into your marketing strategy:

  • Maintain an awareness of pop culture: It is critical that you stay current with current events; timeliness is the lifeblood of the viral meme.
  • Demonstrate some self-awareness: If you’re attempting to convey a brand message, use comedy to divert attention and demonstrate a human side.
  • Locate the appropriate channel: Memes are ubiquitous, from Snapchat to LinkedIn, yet their style and tone vary according to medium. TikTok memes, for example, often use music as an additional aspect.
  • Utilize a tone that is consistent with the brand: It is critical to maintain a professional demeanor, even while participating in a social media challenge. Customers anticipate the brand to perform in accordance with its established identity.
  • Conduct a study of your audience’s preferences: Before establishing a meme approach, use social media advertising tools to ascertain these cultural inclinations.
  • Participate in discussions on trends and issues: Due to the fact that they are already viral, they ensure exposure. Simply ensure that you utilize the cash prudently.
  • Create a meme library: Recurring memes are reassuring due to their familiarity. Maintain a meme collection and instantly alter the text when an idea strikes.
  • Additionally, verify the license of images: To conclude, a somewhat boring topic, but one that is important. If you’re collecting photographs to generate new memes, be sure to consider any license restrictions.

In this blog we have provided information about Benefits of Meme Marketing


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