HAPE beast NFT Price

HAPE beast NFT Price

HAPE beast NFT Price

A number of other highly anticipated NFT initiatives have come and gone this year, but none have piqued our curiosity quite like HAPEBEAST, which is the brainchild of Digimental and is now under development (real name Matt Sypien). HAPE beast NFT Price

Because of the large number of stylized monkeys shown in three-quarter profile on the website, it is likely that HAPEBEAST was inspired by the NFT juggernaut Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is also featured on the website.

Instead of pulling influence from street fashion, technology, or music, the HAPES (as they are called) smartly derive aesthetic cues from 8,192 separate Ethereum-based non-volatile memory, which are distributed across the world (NFTs).

Rather of dressing in standard attire, they dress in 3D figures clothed in young fashion, which ranges from anti-social social club parody shirts to Ye Margiela masks, among other things. Monkeys, even the most casual among them, are responsible for a significant chunk of the streetwear that we today wear.

Once all was said and done, the result is a visual feast that has attracted approximately 100,000 Instagram followers, as well as thousands of Discord members, all of whom were eager to get their hands on an officially licensed streetwear simian when the minting process began on January 19th of this year.

HAPEBEAST NFTs had risen to roughly 10 ETH per unit on the 23rd of January, but had fallen to approximately 7.5 ETH per unit by the following day, indicating a significant correction. It is still valued between $17k and $22k on the open market, despite the fact that the value of ETH has changed lately (and has declined dramatically).

One hundred and fifty comments have been left on some of the most recent HAPEBEAST Instagram photos, which teased the introduction of limited-edition HAPES. This indicates that there is a growing desire for the items being pushed. As a result of the exceptional quality of the digital art, a large number of admirers have voiced their excitement and petitioned to be included to the project’s whitelist, which is currently unavailable to the general public.

The fact that Digimental happened to be at the right place at the right time is proof of his ability to foresee and predict future occurrences. In the first place, he’s one of the few NFT projects now on the market that has been successful in tapping into the streetwear market via the use of a mix of precise cultural signals and visually appealing graphic design, among other approaches, to achieve success.

Consider this: despite the fact that HAPEBEAST hasn’t been officially released yet, it already has almost six figures of fans who are impatiently anticipating the game’s release on the market.

HAPE beast NFT Price

HAPE beast NFT Price

When it comes to HAPEBEAST’s potential success, the general public’s impression of its beauty is unquestionably a crucial aspect.

When dealing with a volatile NFT culture, having a large following is very vital, and it is difficult to overstate the importance of having a large following. Individuals will be inspired to engage with other like-minded collectors and to contribute to the project’s long-term success by engaging in its administration, rather than merely making a monetary investment in a monkey rendering.

The subject of this is very much on Digimental’s mind right now, according to an interview with Highsnobiety.

There have been several highly anticipated NFT projects that have come and gone this year, but only a few have piqued our interest quite like Digimental’s Hapebeast NFT Project, which was conceptualized and built from the ground up from the ground up. The various stylized monkeys exhibited in three-quarter profile on the website Hapebeast are very certainly inspired by the NFT huge Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is prominently featured on the site.

The HAPES are able to efficiently steal style components from street fashion, technology, and musical compositions without being recognized since they are employing 8,192 different Ethereum-based NFTs. For additional information about the Hapebeast NFT and other relevant issues. HAPE beast NFT Price

It has been announced that “Hapebeast,” the next art and fashion playground from Digimental, will have its headquarters in London starting in 2018. HAPES will offer an initial drop of 8,192 different NFTs in order to position themselves as leaders in the future generation of fashion. The fact that they will be constructed on the Ethereum blockchain means that they will combine aspects of aesthetics, technology, and community into a single product. HAPE beast NFT Price

HAPE beast NFT Price

Despite the fact that Hapebeast, a new NFT collectable, has not yet been made available for purchase, it is already causing quite a commotion among members of the NFT fandom. Numerous enthusiasts have fallen head over heels in love with the NFTs’ ultra-stylish apes and excellent 3D artwork, which has received a great deal of attention. A total of over 170,000 Twitter followers and over 500,000 Discord users have so far contributed to the collection, which is an incredible achievement.

According to the Hapebeast team, it has been determined that the coin will be released for circulation on January 19, 2022. In addition to the cost of energy necessary to operate the computer, the coining of each Hape will be done for a total of 0.02 Ethereum. HAPE beast NFT Price

It is shown in this chart how the historical price development of the HAPEBEAST #8839 cryptocurrency has progressed over time, with the current price of ETH 100 ($313,278.00) at the time of the chart’s creation.

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