What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

You’ve just heard someone say “content marketing,” and you get the distinct impression that you should already be familiar with the term, but you’re too ashamed to inquire. Congratulations; this article is dedicated to you. What is Content Marketing

Information marketing is a marketing method that entails the creation and distribution of useful, relevant, and consistent content with the goal of attracting and acquiring a clearly defined audience – and ultimately generating lucrative consumer action.

“Valuable” is the critical word here. It is this distinction that distinguishes this definition from others that might apply to almost any sort of advertising or marketing. You can determine whether a piece of material is suitable for inclusion in a content marketing campaign when consumers seek it out and want to consume it rather than avoid it. So was Volkswagen’s 2014 “Game Day” commercial, which has almost 18 million views on YouTube as of this writing, an advertisement or content marketing?

The answer is that it is both, depending on how each person exposed to it reacts. The same is true for whatever piece of content marketing you develop, regardless of whether the receiver found it valuable or not. Of all, the purpose of content marketing is to deliver as much value as possible to as many members of your target audience as feasible. You’re probably still wondering what content marketing is at this point, despite my definition and explanation. Consider a few instances to get clarity. What is Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Five Case Studies in Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

There are as many variations on content marketing as there are variations on content—far too many to describe here. My goal is to introduce you to content marketing and to get you thinking like a content marketer, so you can notice possibilities everywhere. Soon, you’ll be generating 50 content marketing ideas daily. You will be unable to stop noticing content creation chances. Here are five examples to get your brain working. What is Content Marketing

These are often lengthy, vertical drawings that include statistics, charts, graphs, and other data. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Michael Schmitz, director of Publicis’s Content Lab in Munich, has gathered 197 infographics on the subject of content marketing. Infographics may be beneficial in that they can be shared on social media and displayed on websites for years if they are done well. What is Content Marketing

You may get a professionally produced infographic by engaging a contractor via a site such as oDesk, or you can outsource the work to a firm like as Visua.ly. A great infographic would typically cost at least $1,000 to create, but may cost several thousand dollars if you hire a contractor or firm to handle strategy and planning, research, copywriting, and design.


What is the difference between a standard web page and a content marketing web page? Consider Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide to SEO, a resource for SEO tools and information. This free resource has been seen millions of times, bringing in numerous consumers who would not have discovered Moz and the services they provide otherwise. What is Content Marketing

Alternatively, have a look at a case study from design studio Teehan+Lax. The majority of case studies are tedious. Their case studies are fascinating to read. That is the difference between merely adding material to your website and engaging in content marketing.


Michael Hyatt, author of the best-selling book Platform: How to Become Visible in a Noisy World, is a living example of what he teaches. Each month, his podcast “This is Your Life” is downloaded 250,000 times. As Hyatt explains in his blog piece Four Reasons You Should Consider Starting Your Own Podcast, “a podcast provides awareness in an entirely new world—primarily iTunes.” What is Content Marketing

I’ve had dozens of new individuals tell me they had never heard of me until discovering me on iTunes.” Hyatt’s podcast is a goldmine of knowledge and wisdom, and it’s completely free. However, the podcast results in increased sales of his books, enrollment in his courses, and invitations for him to speak.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a maestro of internet video content marketing; just check out his YouTube account. He began by making movies to advertise his family’s wine shop, which he later developed to a $45 million empire using these videos and other forms of internet marketing. Because consumers believe that videos and podcasts are costly and difficult to create, they remain a mostly underutilised type of content marketing.

However, with the cost of professional-grade equipment continuing to decline, making high-quality video and audio material is now simpler than ever. Amateur video content marketing has been used to promote blender sales, new dental product launches, and Hong Kong visa consultancy services. What video might you create for your business that could transform your fortunes overnight? It may be simpler than you believe. What is Content Marketing


As with films, consumers often conceive of books as self-promoting, but astute marketers do not sell books for the sake of selling books; they sell books as marketing tools. Michael Port’s sales handbook Book Yourself Solid is an excellent read for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers, and although I’m sure Port likes selling his book, it serves as a vehicle for promoting his coaching and speaking services.

Although self-publishing makes it simpler than ever to publish a book, there is still a sense that publishing a business book is difficult and that only respected specialists can do it. Publish your own, and even if no one reads it, you can still utilise it for content marketing purposes whenever you’re presented as the “Author of…”

In this blog we provided information about What is Content Marketing

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