What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing practice that focuses on attracting visitors and prospective consumers rather than pushing a brand, product, or service outwards in the aim of generating leads or customers. What is Inbound Marketing

In terms of digital marketing, this entails creatively using a variety of marketing platforms – most notably content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media – to garner attention. A effective inbound marketing plan aims to broaden reach and boost quality traffic, engagement, and conversions via the use of ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ media.

HubSpot, a supplier of inbound marketing software, created the term ‘inbound marketing’ in 2006. Inbound marketing, according to HubSpot, is the process of acquiring, converting, closing, and delighting consumers. The ‘inbound approach’ is “the greatest way to convert strangers into clients and supporters of your brand” by using various sorts of information at various phases of the purchase cycle. What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing

Marketing strategy: inbound vs. outbound

The term provides the key to understanding the distinctions between inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is concerned with luring prospective consumers in, and outbound marketing is concerned with aggressively promoting a company’ product. Inbound marketing is about gaining attention, but outbound marketing is often about purchasing it.

  • Owned and earned media in inbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing makes innovative use of owned and earned media to engage prospective consumers.

Owned media are those channels through which a company has control. For instance, your website, blog, social media accounts associated with your company, product landing pages, and YouTube channel. You choose what to publish, how to publish it, and when to publish it.

Earned media is coverage that you get as a consequence of your efforts. Offline, this includes conventional newspaper and magazine coverage. It comprises not just coverage on news websites, which is often obtained via digital PR, but also mentions on social media, the usage of a campaign hashtag, discussions in online forums, and online reviews. Earned media gives you less control, but it should be seen as a reward for the effort you’ve put into your inbound marketing strategy. What is Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing entails the use of sponsored media. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is more often connected with paid media. This may include conventional offline advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising, as well as sponsored email.

Paid media also includes social media advertising, such as banner ads on Facebook or boosted Twitter postings.

Although social media advertising is sometimes linked with outbound marketing, it is worth mentioning that it is frequently an excellent strategy to increase the performance of inbound marketing initiatives. For example, advertising on Facebook enables you to promote your content and campaign to your target demographic, regardless of how narrow they may be. What is Inbound Marketing


The advantages of inbound marketing

Reach the appropriate audience in the appropriate location to produce high-quality traffic

By concentrating your inbound marketing efforts on the appropriate audiences in the right locations, you can attract your target clients and achieve your digital marketing goals. This is an alternative to investing money on traffic from improbable converts.

Enhance trust

Inbound marketing is all about providing prospective clients with the information they want – even if they are unaware of it – in a unique and engaging manner. It is not about attempting to force unwelcome sales at every moment. By establishing your company as a helpful and trustworthy resource via inbound marketing, the aim is that people will come to you when the time comes to make a purchase.


Avoid excessive dependence on a single channel.

By seeking high-quality traffic from a number of sources – organic search, social media referrals, and referrals from other websites praising your incredible work – you lessen your dependence on a single channel and hence the risk connected with it.



Measuring inbound marketing’s effect in a manner that displays a clear return on investment has always been challenging. The trick is to be explicit from the start.

While you may not be able to measure the number of leads created directly as a consequence of your campaign, you may track the number of downloads of your resource, the average length of time spent watching your video, and the number of new social media followers you earned, among other metrics.

When preparing your campaign, be specific about the objectives you want to accomplish and quantify them accurately and honestly. Thus, everyone’s expectations are established – and thus more likely to be realised.


Long-term plan

Successful inbound marketing efforts take time to develop. They need time for planning, implementation, and refinement. It may also be time-consuming — you may need content writers, designers, developers, outreach experts, social media marketers, and a campaign manager just to get started. Having said that, if you invest sufficient time and effort in the perfect evergreen campaign, you should end up with something that continues to deliver value in the foreseeable future. What is Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing examples

  • Content hubs that include how-to videos, blogs, case studies, webinars, white papers, and information on related products
  • User-generated content and social media marketing strategies, such as photography contests or the aggregation of user reviews
  • Interactive web content pieces developed in collaboration with linked companies to boost digital public relations and promotional chances
  • By blogging on your company’s website, you may create high-quality material for your target audience.

The significance of analysis and revision

If there is one thing you take away from inbound marketing, it is the critical nature of measuring results and iteratively adjusting your strategy. This is also where testing comes into play – determine which message, kinds of useful content, graphics, and calls to action perform best for your target demographic and ensuring they are used permanently or in your next campaign.

In this blog we have provided information about What is Inbound Marketing

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